Steve A. Wiggins

Welcome to my personal website. If the information here doesn’t answer your burning questions about who I am, trying googling “Steve A. Wiggins” (you’ll need to include the A. and the quotation marks because there are more prominent Steve Wigginses out there—one’s a gospel singer. That’s not me. Neither are the at least two Steve Wiggins, PhDs who teach economics and anthropology. Neither is the famed cop killer from Tennessee). You can also check out the social media listed on the Links page—of course you can; this is the Internet! I grew up not knowing what I wanted to be, but knowing that it would have to involve books. Specifically, I was a religion major and this website shows one thing might happen if you choose that route too. I didn’t know when to stop and ended up with a doctorate in the field. My life’s been all about books, reading them and writing them. I enjoy connecting with anyone who shares some common interests.

Disclaimer: all contents on this website are the personal opinion of Steve A. Wiggins and should be in no way construed to reflect the views of any institution or employer, past, present, or future.

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