The Wicker Man

ISBNs: 9781837643882 (paperback); 9781837644667.

“I feel this is an original take on the film, and has put it in a new light for me so that it feels less like old material and more something I should re-appraise from other perspectives.  I feel this—particularly alongside the existing Devil’s Advocates on Witchfinder General and The Blood on Satan’s Claw—offers a dynamic springboard from which to approach what might feel like over-familiar texts.”—Anonymous reviewer

The Robin Hardy and Anthony Shaffer classic, The Wicker Man was released in 1973. This little book in the Devil’s Advocates series is being released on the 50-year anniversary of the film.

The hook for this short book will be the treatment of The Wicker Man as “Holiday Horror.” This is an idea that stems from my work on various projects concerned with holidays over many years.

The book has been submitted and is in production. It’ll be out in September, so start weaving your wicker, and get ready for May Day. The ISBNs were announced just this week (listed above). Watch this space for updates!

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