Disclaimer: all contents on this blog are the personal opinion of the author (or occasional guest poster) and should be in no way construed to reflect the views of any institution or employer, past or present.

Steve A. Wiggins is an obscure private intellectual. He offers for free on this blog what you’re paying thousands of dollars for your kid to get at an accredited university. Working class sensibilities pervade these posts. Those who are wise will pay attention.

Writing can be and often is, as most writers know, done for its own sake. The Internet has merely provided a public forum that allows us into the metaphorical world of other people’s thoughts. It’s a heady business. As a credentialed “religionist” without formal affiliation, and with apologies to John Wesley, this author sees the world as his classroom. The thoughts presented here, like a puzzle box, are often not what they seem. SAW does not imply that John Wesley in any way approves, although he was, for many years, a United Methodist. And Episcopalian. And.

There are podcasts posted on the blog—they may be found on the Podcast page or by choosing the Category “podcast.” Some may also be found on iTunes.

So far the author has been educated at Grove City College (BA, Religious Studies), Boston University (MTS, Bible and Ecclesiastical History), and the University of Edinburgh (PhD, History of Religions and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, including Hebrew Bible). His research programs have been broadly based and interdisciplinary, but have most often have ended up focusing on religious studies, ancient and modern. No matter whether you are religious or not, religion influences your daily life in both subtle and obvious ways. When Wiggins has been given a classroom forum he has emphasized this fact to students. Hey, it’s best to know what you’re up against out there! This blog features various thoughts on several aspects of religion (both ancient and modern) interpreted by a “specialist” in a field with no true experts. If you like puzzles, this may be for you.

Steve A. Wiggins, Ph.D.
erstwhile academic
compulsive reader
sometime editor
dangerously curious
failed priest
committed vegetarian

Photo credit: Neal Stephenson

Photo credit: Neal Stephenson

Teaching posts:
Nashotah House Episcopal Seminary, 1992-2005
Carroll College, 2003-2004
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 2005-2006
Rutgers University, 2007-2011
Montclair State University, 2010-2011

Editorial work:
Gorgias Press, 2006-2009
Routledge, 2011-2013
Oxford University Press, 2013-

Tip: if you wish to do a web-search for additional information, try using “Steve A. Wiggins” in your search. He is not the much more famous gospel singer that you’ll find if you search for “Steve Wiggins”!

If you want to find out more about his background, the Bio page has more than enough information for the overly curious reader.

He may be contacted by email at steve(dot)a(dot)wiggins(at)gmail(dot)com.

16 responses to “About

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  2. Brilliant! I love it.


  3. I googled moses and found your moses picture linked to your website. Can I use it for my powerpoint presentation at my church. This is not a commercial usage. Thank you.


    • Hi Tony,

      I have no problem with any images I use being reused for this purpose. I may not be the copyright holder to the image, but PowerPoint presentations are generally okay.


  4. After you commented on my blog, I decided to check yours out. I have really enjoyed it. Here’s my brief take on religious violence. It is a reaction to societal change, and it goes like this:
    Change –> Fear –> Draw Boundaries (Fundamentalism) –> “Us vs. Them” –> Violence. The other response to change is this:
    Change –> Challenge –> Understanding –> Relationship –> Peace.

    I added you to my blog roll. Have a happy whatever.


    • Thanks for the comments, Robb! Your analysis is good, I think. My main concern is what we can do about it. Perhaps blogging is the new frontier, maybe we can make a difference.


  5. Hi, nice to meet you !


  6. Congratulations, Steve! I hope this is an opportunity you can enjoy.


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  8. Hi, I just discovered that you have a blog and looking forward to reading itI Your 1993 book about Asherah was a big influence on my undergraduate thesis and I’m excited to learn that you’ve written more on the subject. Currently, I’m a PhD Candidate at Berkeley in Near Eastern Archaeology, specializing in ritual and religion in the Southern Levant and your material on Asherah is still some of the best I’ve seen.


    • Many thanks for your kind words, Andrea. The academic world never afforded me a career, but I still think about these things quite a bit. I hope you find some of what I write here to be of some interest. It is nice to know my book hasn’t disappeared completely! -Steve


  9. I really enjoy your website and your insight after stubmling upon it from ol’Arturo Vasquez. I do have to ask if you have a booklist? Maybe some Listmania action on amazon. Thanks, Max


    • Steve Wiggins

      Hi Max,

      Thanks for asking. I don’t have a booklist yet, but it’s not a bad idea. One of these days when I’ve got some time…


  10. Excellent 🙂


  11. “Dangerously Curious” = my kinda guy!


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