For those of you who are really curious, this is my basic bio with publications and professional activities. Good cure for insomnia. Also, several of the papers are available at:


Editor, Bibles and Biblical Studies, Some University Press, November 2013-

Religion and Anthropology Editor, Routledge, September 2011-October 2013
711, 3rd Ave.
New York, New York 10017

Part Time Lecturer, Rutgers University, September 2007-August 2011
Department of Religion
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
70 Lipman Drive
Loree Building, Room 130
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-8525
• Teaching Hebrew Bible/Ancient Near East courses as needed
• Being available to students during office hours
• Supervising senior thesis (winner of Henry Rutgers Thesis Award, 2010)

Adjunct Instructor, Montclair State University, January 2010-May 2011
Department of Classics and General Humanities
Montclair State University
Dickson 104
Montclair, New Jersey 07043
• Teaching Mythology course as needed
• Being available to students during office hours

Acquisitions Editor, Gorgias Press LLC, October 2006-June 2009
954 River Road
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
• Oversight and strategic planning of all acquisitions
• Project management
• Responsible for acquiring and evaluating academic publications
• Writing book summaries and promotional material
• Applying marketing strategies
• Copyediting
• Initiating and maintaining contact with authors
• Ensuring the provision of subventions

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Lecturer in Religious Studies, September 2005-July 2006
Department of Religious Studies and Anthropology
800 Algoma Boulevard
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901
• Teaching a wide variety of undergraduate courses in the department

Ripon College, Occasional Guest Lecturer, Spring 2006
Department of Religion
Ripon, Wisconsin 54971

Nashotah House Episcopal Seminary, Academic Dean and Associate Professor, September 1992-July 2005
2777 Mission Road
Nashotah, Wisconsin 53058
Academic Dean (concurrent with full teaching load), December 1998-July 2005.
Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible, July 1996-July 2005.
Registrar, July 1995-June 1999 (concurrent with full teaching load)
Assistant Professor, August 1992-June 1996: promoted at the initiative of the seminary.
Administrative duties:
• Appointment as Academic Dean in charge of the academic program of the seminary, 1998-2005 (concurrent with full teaching load)
• Oversight of the academic program, including evaluation of faculty and students
• Curriculum evaluation and revision
• Tenure review and recommendation
• Committee work including membership on all committees
• Advisory role with the Board of Trustees
• Conflict management
Teaching duties:
• Teaching all Hebrew Bible courses, including biblical Hebrew
• Incorporating technology into the classroom
• Preparation of class material, grading exams and papers
• Tutoring students in Hebrew and supervising reading courses
• Reading Master’s level theses and examining Master’s level students
• Student advisory duties

Carroll College, Adjunct Instructor of Hebrew Bible, September 2003-May 2004
100 North East Avenue
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186
• Teaching undergraduate courses in the Philosophy-Religion Department

Other Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant, University of Edinburgh 1991-1992
Religion 1 (tutorial); one hour weekly in conjunction with Religious Studies Department, prepared for and facilitated discussion on matters covered in class.
Greek Tutor, Boston University 1985-1986
Teaching Assistant, Grove City College 1984-1985
GREK 312 (Third-year Greek, language instruction), a three-hour course team-taught with and under the supervision of the Head of the Religion Department, taught one half of the class sessions, prepared and instructed Greek translation.
Religion-Philosophy Tutor, Grove City College 1982

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, 1992
Edinburgh, Scotland.
• Field: History of Religions, Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Israelite Religion
• Thesis: “Athirat, Asherah, Ashratu: a Reassessment According to the Textual Sources”
• Supervisor: Professor J. C. L. Gibson, Department of Hebrew and Old Testament Studies
• Examiners: Doctor N. Wyatt, Department of Religious Studies, University of Edinburgh (internal); Doctor W. G. E. Watson, Universities of Newcastle and Barcelona (external)
• Classes completed at the University of Edinburgh (the University does not keep doctoral-level transcripts):
• Ugaritic Translation (three years)
• Hebrew Translation (two years)
• Northwest Semitic Epigraphy (one year)
• Akkadian Translation (one semester)
• Ugaritic Religion (one semester)
• Egyptian Religion (one semester).

Master of Theological Studies, cum laude, Boston University School of Theology, 1987, Boston, Massachusetts.
Master of Theological Studies in Biblical Studies and Church History.

Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, Grove City College, 1985
Grove City, Pennsylvania.
Bachelor of Arts, highest honors in major (Religion).

Rutgers University (three credit-hour courses, 2007-2011)
Religion 201/Judaic Studies 220: Old Testament (two-four sections annually, from 2007)
Religion 301: Ancient Near Eastern Religions (2008, 2009, 2010 [2 sections], 2011)
Religion 303/Judaic Studies 325: Hebrew Prophets: Social and Religious Thought (2009, 2010, 2011)

Montclair State University (three credit-hour course)
General Humanities 285: Mythology (2010, 2011 [5 sections total])

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (three credit-hour courses, 2005-2006)
Religious Studies 101: Exploring Religion (2 sections)
Religious Studies 106: The Bible and Current Events (2 sections)
Religious Studies 203: Hebrew Bible
Religious Studies 204: New Testament
Religious Studies 210: Christianity
Religious Studies 275: Myth and Mystery

Carroll College (four credit-hour courses, 2003-2004)
Religion 102A, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Fall 2003
Religion 204A, The Prophets, Spring 2004

Nashotah House (three credit-hour courses 1992-2005)
Hebrew Bible 1: Introduction to Hebrew. Language Instruction. Annual.
Hebrew Bible 2: Introduction to the Pentateuch. General Survey. Annual.
Hebrew Bible 3: Introduction to the Prophets. General Survey. Annual.
Hebrew Bible 4: Introduction to the Writings. General Survey. Annual.
Hebrew Bible 16: Genesis 1-11: Science and Scripture. Seminar (2004).
Hebrew Bible 201: Genesis 1-11: Science and Faith. STM Seminar (2003).
Hebrew Bible 12a: The Psalms in History and Music. Seminar (2002).
Hebrew Bible 14a: Primeval History? Genesis 1-11. Seminar (2001).
Hebrew Bible 14: The Psalms. Seminar (1999).
Hebrew Bible 12: The Psalms in Worship. Seminar (1997).
Old Testament 11: Social Background to the Old Testament. Seminar (1995).
New Testament 1: Introduction to the Gospels. General Survey (1994).
Old Testament 10: The Book of Hosea. Seminar (1994).
Hebrew 2: Hebrew Reading. Language Instruction (1993).
Old Testament 125: The Book of Genesis. Seminar (1993).

Other Relevant Experience
2005: Freelance Copy-Editor, Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta.
1987: Archaeological Volunteer, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Trained as square supervisor while working on an archaeological dig at Tel Dor, Israel.


2023 The Wicker Man.  Devil’s Advocates.  Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.  978-1-83764-388-2.

2021 Nightmares with the Bible: The Good Book and Its Demons. Horror and Scripture. Lexington/Fortress Academic Press.  ISBN: 978-1-9787-0318-6.

2018 Holy Horror: The Bible and Fear in Movies.  McFarland Books (Jefferson, NC). ISBN: 978-1-4766-7466-7.

2014 Weathering the Psalms: A Meteorotheological Survey. Eugene, OR: Cascade Books. ISBN: 978-1-62564-777-1.

2007 A Reassessment of Asherah: With Further Considerations of the Goddess. Gorgias Ugaritic Studies 2. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press. ISBN: 978-1-59333-717-9.

1993 A Reassessment of ‘Asherah:’ A Study According to the Textual Sources of the First Two Millennia B.C.E. Alter Orient und Altes Testament, Band 235. Kevelaer: Verlag Butzon & Bercker; Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag. ISBN: 978-3-7666-9870-4.


TBD “Representations,” with Debbie Fenton in A Cultural History of Monsters in Antiquity, Debbie Fenton, editor.  London: Bloomsbury.  Under contract.

2024  “The Religion of The Conjuring Universe,” in The “True” Case Files of the Warrens: Essays on The Conjuring Franchise, Todd Platts, editor.  Accepted, Edinburgh University Press. Article complete and submitted in draft form.

2023  “From Fallen Angel to Goat,” in Caprine Gothic, Simon Bacon, editor.  Drafted and accepted, publisher TBA.

2021 “The Theological Origins of Horror,” in Theology and Horror: Explorations of the Dark Religious Imagination, Brandon R. Grafius and John W. Morehead, editors.  Theology and Pop Culture series. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books/Fortress Academic: 21–40.

2020a “Gods on the Mind,” in Some Wine and Honey for Simon: Biblical and Ugaritic Aperitifs in Memory of Simon B. Parker,  A. Joseph Ferrara and Herbert B. Huffmon, editors. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications: 65–87.

2020b “Literature in the Ancient Near East,” in The Cambridge Companion to Bible and Literature, Calum Carmichael, editor.  New York: Cambridge University Press: 7–25.

2019 “Good Book Gone Bad: Reading Phinehas and Watching Horror,” invited article for Horizons in Biblical Theology 41.1: 93–103.

2017 “Reading the Bible in Sleepy Hollow,” The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 28.2–3 [2016]: 187–198. Online at:

2010 “Wheel, Tumbleweed or Whirlwind? galgal in the Hebrew Bible,” MAARAV 15.2 [2008]: 175-192.

2009 “A Reassessment of Tikva Frymer-Kensky’s Asherah” in In the Wake of Tikva Frymer-Kensky, Stephen Holloway, Jo-Ann Spurlock and Richard Beal, editors. Gorgias Précis Portfolios 4. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press: 171-180.

2008 “Foreword” to Eugene Seaich’s A Great Mystery; The Embracing Cherubim in the Jerusalem Temple. Piscataway, NJ: Gorgias Press.

2008 “Echoes through the Millennia: Musical Journeys to the Underworld,” in ‘He Unfurled his Brow and Laughed,’ Essays in Honour of Nicolas Wyatt, W. G. E. Watson, editor. Alter Orient und Altes Testament 299. Kevelaer: Verlag Butzon & Bercker; Neukirchen-Vluyn: Neukirchener Verlag: 335-350.

2003 “Pidray, Tallay and Arsay in the Baal Cycle,” Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 29/2: 83-101.

2001 “Of Asherahs and Trees: Some Methodological Questions,” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions 1, 158-187.

2000 “The Weather under Baal: Meteorology in KTU 1.1-6,” Ugarit Forschungen 32, 577-598.

1999a “The Current State of Ugaritic Studies and Technology,” with Theodore J. Lewis. In Handbook of Ugaritic Studies. Handbuch der Orientalistik 39. W. G. E. Watson and N. Wyatt, editors. Leiden: E. J. Brill: 734-746.

1999b “Tempestuous Wind doing Yhwh’s Will: Perceptions of the Wind in the Psalms,” Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament 13/1: 3-23.

1998a “What’s in a Name? Yarih at Ugarit,” Ugarit Forschungen 30: 761-779.

1998b “Asherah Again: T. Binger’s Asherah and the State of Asherah Studies,” review article, Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 24/1: 231-240.

1997a “Between Heaven and Earth: Absalom’s Dilemma,” Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages 23/1: 73-81.

1997b “A Rejoinder to J. Glen Taylor,” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 73: 109-112.

1996a “Yahweh: the God of Sun?” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 71: 89-106.

1996b “Shapsh, Lamp of the Gods,” in Ugarit, religion and culture. Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Ugarit, religion and culture: Edinburgh, July 1994 Essays presented in honour of Professor John C. L. Gibson. Ugaritisch-Biblische Literatur, Band 12. N. Wyatt, W. G. E. Watson and J. B. Lloyd, editors. Munster: Ugarit Verlag: 327-350.

1995 “Asherah: Books, Articles, and Dissertations,” in Women in the Biblical World: A Study Guide. By Mayer I. Gruber. Volume 1: Women in the World of Hebrew Scripture. American Theological Library Association Bibliography Series, No. 38. Lanham, MD, and London: Scarecrow Press: 227-232.

1993 “Old Testament Dagan in the Light of Ugarit,” Vetus Testamentum 43: 268-274.

1991 “The Myth of Asherah: Lion Lady and Serpent Goddess,” Ugarit Forschungen 23: 383-394.

Electronic Publications:

Ongoing- Sects and Violence in the Ancient World, blog

2022a  “Hollow Wicker Tree,” Horror Homeroom, May 1, site:

2022b “Ratting out Disney: From Willard to Ratatouille,” Horror Homeroom,  April 23, site: 

2022c “The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord,” Horror Homeroom, January 10, site:

2021a  “What To Do When the Exorcist Is Absent,” Horror Homeroom, August 6, site:

2021b “Is the Golem the Perfect Jewish Monster?” Horror Homeroom, February 10, site:

2020a  “Resurrecting Pet Sematary,” Horror Homeroom, December 23, site:

2020b  “The Legends of Sleepy Hollow,” Horror Homeroom, October 16, site:

2020c  Burnt Offerings: What’s in a Name?,” Horror Homeroom, August 17, site:

2020d  Midsommar and Cross-Quarter Day Horror,” Horror Homeroom, June 21, site:

2020e  “Demons or Ghosts?  The Religion in Connecticut,” Horror Homeroom, April 17, site:

2020f “Religion and Sex in The Lighthouse and The WitchHorror Homeroom, February 23, site:

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Papers Presented
2015 “The Climate of Belief,” Rutgers Presbyterian Church Autumn Guest Speaker Program, New York, New York, 26-27 September.
2007 Society of Biblical Literature, Assyriology and the Bible Section “A Reassessment of Tikva Frymer-Kensky’s Asherah,” San Diego, 19 November.
2005 Congrès International Sherbrooke 2005: Le royaume d’Ougarit de la Crète à l’Euphrates. Nouveaux axes de recherché, “A New Perspectives on the Divine World of Ugarit,” Sherbrooke, Quebec, 8 July.
1990 University of Edinburgh Old Testament Seminar, “Who is Asherah and What is She Doing Here with Yahweh?” Edinburgh, Scotland, 16 May.

2015 “Sensing the Bible in the Television Series Sleepy Hollow,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Atlanta (Society for Comparative Research on Iconographic and Performative Texts Section), 23 November.
2008 “Paradox and Consistency between Ugarit and Israel,” presented at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Society of Biblical Literature Meeting, New Brunswick, NJ: 28 March.
2003 “‘The Greeks had a Word for it:’ the Pantheon and Ugarit,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section), Atlanta, 24 November.
2002 “Pidray, Tallay and Arsay,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Toronto (Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section), 24 November.
2001 “Wheels, Whirlwinds, and Tumbleweeds: galgal in the Hebrew Bible. When Context leaves Meaning Ambiguous,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Denver (Hebrew Lexicography Section), 19 November.
2000 “Baal as the Storm God of Ugarit,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section), Nashville, 19 November.
1999 “Cutting Down Asherahs: the Goddess and the Tree,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Israelite Religion and Cognate Literature Section), Boston, 20 November.
1998 “Does Yarikhu Drive the Moon?” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section), Orlando, 23 November.
1997 “A Paradigm for Suspended Rulers: Absalom and Athtar,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section), San Francisco, 23 November.
1996 “What Does Attar have to do with Absalom?” presentation to Nashotah House Faculty Seminar, 12 November.
1994 “Shapshu: the Forgotten Goddess,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, (Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section) Chicago, 21 November.
1992 “The Myth of Asherah: Lion Lady and Serpent Goddess,” presented at the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting (Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section), San Francisco, 22 November.

Areas of Expertise
History of Religions, Ancient West Asian culture, comparative religions of the ancient West Asia including early Christianity, epigraphy, archaeology, Semitic goddesses, Hebrew Bible, contextual method with special concern for feminist interpretation, the Psalms, Genesis, Deuteronomistic theology, religion and science, phenomenology of religion.

Classical Hebrew, Ugaritic, Aramaic, Phoenician and Northwest Semitic dialects, Epigraphic South Arabian, Akkadian and Greek (koiné). Additional reading knowledge: German, French, Spanish and Italian.


2022 Participant and presenter, fourth annual Easton Book Festival, Easton, Pennsylvania, October.

2022 reader-evaluator, Critical Conversations in Horror Studies, Lehigh University Press, October. 

2021 Participant and presenter, third annual Easton Book Festival, Easton, Pennsylvania, October.

2021 reader-evaluator, Cambridge Archaeological Journal, September.

2021 presenter, Jewish Film Night, ’Til Kingdom Come, June 29, Jewish Community Center, Allentown.2021 reader-evaluator, grant proposal for the Israel Science Foundation, The Asherah in the Bible and Ancient Israel, January.

2019–present  Executive Advisory Committee, Journal of Gods and Monsters.

2019  Participant and presenter, first annual Easton Book Festival, Easton, Pennsylvania, October.

2017 Community Course on Racism, Central Jersey Community Coalition, 21 October.

2017  Initiated and established new unit “Monsters and Monster Theory” for American Academy of Religion annual meeting with Kelly Murphy (Central Michigan University) and Joseph Laycock (University of Texas at Austin).  Renewed 2018, 2019.

2017 Stand Central New Jersey, grassroots movement participation for public education, member.

2017 Story Pirates, New York, NY; commenting on stories to help grade-school children with writing.

2014–present  Green Committee, Oxford University Press. 

2014  Presenter, International Steampunk City, Speedwell, NJ, “Ancient Tech,” 12 October.

2012  Reader-reviewer, for Vetus Testamentum.

2011  Reader-reviewer, for Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception. 

2010–2011  President, Team 102 Foundation; FIRST Robotics, Somerville NJ High School Robotics Team Foundation; Mentor 2009–2013.

2008 Designer of Cuneiform Script, Neal Stephenson, Anathem. 

2006–2018 Volunteer support: 4-H, Somerset County; Girl Scouts, Heart of New Jersey.

2003–2009 Chair, Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section of the Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Two terms, (Atlanta, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Washington, San Diego, Boston, New Orleans).

2004–2005  President, Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), Oconomowoc Public School District; active member from 2000.  Representative to the Summit Elementary School Effectiveness Team.

2003  Reader-reviewer, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

2000  Summit Elementary School Building Committee.

1999 Member of the Information Technology for Theological Teaching grant writing team, Nashotah House, spring semester.

1998–2005  Academic Dean, Nashotah House, ex officio on all committees.

1998–2005  Chair of Academic Policy Committee, Nashotah House.

1995–2006  Member of the Milwaukee area Hebrew Bible Reading Group.

1995–1999  Seminary Registrar. 

1997  Assistant Biblical Literature Book Review Editor for Anglican Theological Review.

1994–2005  Abstractor for Old Testament Abstracts; abstracts appear from volume 17. 

1994–2005  Faculty Committees at Nashotah House: Tenure Policy, fall 1994; Master of Sacred Theology Degree, fall 1994–2005; Academic Policy, fall 1994–2005; General Curriculum of the Seminary, spring 1995; Course Evaluation Review, spring 1998; Convocation, summer 1999; Faculty Evaluation fall 1999-2005; Library Committee, spring 2000–2005; Master of Theological Studies Degree, spring 2000; Scholarship Committee, 2001; Admissions Committee, 2002–2005.

Multiple terms: Faculty representative to the Board of Trustees of Nashotah House, fall 1995 to fall 1997; fall 2000 to spring 2002.  Trustee Committee: Academic Affairs.

Seminary Registrar, from 1995 to 1999.
Member of the Milwaukee area Hebrew Bible Reading Group, 1995 to 2006.
University of Edinburgh: Divinity Student Council, postgraduate representative, 1990-1991; Postgraduate representative to the Faculty, 1990-1991.
Boston University: Theological Student Association, Master of Theological Studies Representative, 1985-1986; School of Theology Judicial Committee, convener, 1986-1987.
Grove City College: Alpha Epsilon Chi housing group, 1982-1985; Round Table service honorary, 1982-1983.


2017 Preventing Sexual Harassment and Promoting Diversity.  Oxford University Press.  Legal mandatory training for promoting inclusiveness and preventing misconduct.

2014–2021  Preventing Bribery.  Oxford University Press.  Mandatory online seminar on business ethics.

2010 Constructing and Teaching Online Courses.  Rutgers University.  Professional training for setting up online courses in Blackboard or Sakai.

2009 Preventing Sexual Harassment. This Rutgers University online program was mandatory for all employees. Presented by Rutgers University and New Media Learning.
2008 Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines Seminar, Skillpath Seminars, Freehold, New Jersey.
2003 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct. The seminar was conducted by the Church Pension Fund (Episcopal Church), New York, at Nashotah, Wisconsin. This seminar was required of all employees, and my participation was certified. Also attended in 1995.
2001 Episcopal Seminary Faculties Conference on Teaching and Learning. Built around seminars by teaching consultant Parker Palmer, this conference was a first-time gathering of faculty from all eleven Episcopal seminaries. Mundelein, Illinois, September 8-10.
2001 Conference for Chief Academic Officers. The conference was sponsored by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 29-31.
2000 ATS 2000: A Model for Bringing Technology and People Together. The conference demonstrated how a seminary could incorporate technology to benefit the educational process. Convened at Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky, October 6-7.
1999 Academic Leadership in Theological Education: Concepts and Contexts. The seminar was presented by the Association of Theological Schools, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 17-19.
1997 Conflict Management. The purpose of the seminar was to make all members of my current institution aware of better interpersonal techniques. Conducted by Conflict Management Incorporated Concord Group, Chicago, Illinois, over two years.

American Academy of Religion. Member from 1998 to 2000, 2011 to 2013, 2022-.
American Association of University Professors. Member 2004.
American Schools of Oriental Research. Member from 1990 to 2000.
Society for Old Testament Study. Inducted as Associate Member, January 1994.
Society of Biblical Literature. Member from 1990 to present.
Chair of Ugaritic Studies and Northwest Semitic Epigraphy Section for 2003-2009 Annual Meetings.
Wisconsin Geological Society. Inducted as member, September 2002. Parliamentarian 2004.

2005 Appreciated Professor Award, Appreciate a Professor Program, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, fall semester.
1997 Lilly Small Grants Program, administered by the Association of Theological Schools. Awarded grant for purchase of computer software for the Ugaritic Tablets Digital Edition project.
1996 Nashotah House Foundation Grant, Nashotah House Seminary. Provided funds to purchase computer hardware necessary to participate in the Ugaritic Tablets Digital Edition project.
1989-1991 University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Studentship.
Overseas Research Student Scheme Award.
1990-1991 The Frank D. Howard Fellowship, Boston University.
1989 The William Jackson and Anna Worden Lowstuter Fellowship, for alumni of Boston University.
1988 The Edmund M. Beebe Fellowship for Graduate Studies, for alumni of Boston University.
1985 The John A. Courtney Award in Religion-Philosophy, Grove City College.
Scroll and Key Academic Honorary, Grove City College.
1983 The Appalachian Scholarship, Presbyterian Church.
The Laura M. Smedley Scholarship, Grove City College.
1982-1984 The Edward F. Olechovsky Scholarship for Classical Study, for
excellence in Greek, Grove City College.
1981-1982 The Frank D. and Clara R. Williams Scholarships, private, for high
school grades.
1981 The Glen and Mary Sutherland Scholarship, Grove City College.
The William H. Locke Scholarship, private, for high school grades.

11 thoughts on “CV

    • Steve Wiggins

      Thank you, Philip. I’ll take a look at this when I have some time to consider it seriously. It is an interesting connection.


  1. Forgive me, I finished reading *Snow Crash* last night, and remembered that the reason I picked it up was because I liked your blog, which I found linked, with praise, from Neal Stephenson’s website a few years ago. I’m so glad to hear about your new gig, best of luck at OUP!


    • Steve Wiggins

      Thanks, Ahmed! I’m glad you liked Snow Crash–Neal has been a great supporter over the years. I appreciate the good wishes; OUP is a good fit for someone like me.


  2. I’m really interested in reading your article about Baal and Asherah’s three daughters. “Pidray, Tallay and Arsay in the baal cycle” Any chance of uploading it on your site? Just thinking through Gideon’s request in Judges 6 with the fleece and asking God to be control over whether it had dew on it or not…do you think there could be an underlying polemic to the text between Yahweh and Baal / Asherah?


    • Many thanks, Mark. That’s a great idea about Gideon! It has always been an intriguing story; I thought I found a Mesopotamian parallel back in my teaching days, but it has long since evaporated. I don’t have a PDF copy of that article, but I think I have a scan of it. I don’t mind emailing you a copy, if you’d like. Although I don’t address this in that paper, there could well be a polemic about Baal in the Gideon account. I’ve got a section on dew in my forthcoming book–too bad I couldn’t do a bit more research because this would be a fascinating addition. Just let me know if you’d like me to email that paper.


  3. Johannes (Hans) I. Bakker = J. I. (Hans) Iemke Bakker (Not "Hans Teve Bakker"!)

    I just learned about this site from a comment on Twitter. I am a retired prof of soc & anth. My main interest now is Max Weber’s comparative historical sociology. He uses what I call Ideal Type Models. One such ITM is “Patrimonial prebendalism” (in Economy & Society, or Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft in the original). Are you familiar with Weber’s work on Ancient Judaism. My Ph.D. advisor Irving Zeitlin has written a Neo-Weberian study of Ancient Judaism called The Jews.


    • Thanks, Johannes. You’re welcome to explore, of course.

      I haven’t read much Weber since college and seminary since my research shifted to ancient religions for my doctorate and the several years of my teaching career. I really should take a look at Weber on Ancient Judaism–that’s a big part of my “day job” at the moment, so I really should keep up. I’ll look up Zeitlin’s book as well.

      Thanks for the comment/suggestion!


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