Whence Monotheism

Here are some preliminary thoughts on the origins of monotheism, recorded on a very hot and humid day!

Stay tuned for more developments, including further posts on various gods in the non-monotheistic world.

6 responses to “Whence Monotheism

  1. Hi Steve. Good to hear you podcasting! I’d love to add a link to the new NT Gateway page on podcasts (http://NTGateway.com/podcasts) but I can’t see a way of isolating the podcast posts from the other posts. Could you perhaps add a podcast tag (cf. the way that Phil Harland has on Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean). Best wishes, Mark


  2. Thanks, Mark. I’ve added the tags — hope this helps!


  3. Hi Steve. Thanks. The tags seem to point to WordPress blogs on Podcasts in general rather than specifically to the podcasts in your blog. Do you have a way of isolating your podcasts?


  4. Thanks, Mark. I’ve set up a page with links only to the podcasts — will this work?


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