Substance of Faith

Every once in a very great while, faith is rewarded. I’m not talking about the faith that is bound up in black leather, inaccessible to realists who struggle daily to keep going. No, this particular faith is human based, based on my fellow citizens who saw it necessary to do the right thing. Although I have to rise before 4 a.m. to get to work, I tossed all night wondering what was happening at the polls. Obama’s reelection meant more to me than I guess I even realized. You see, I look at elections symbolically. Not as overtly black and white as Dark Vader and Luke Skywalker (neither candidate is pure good or evil), but I see that candidates stand for something. I don’t care what religion a president claims, but I do watch closely for what they value. Money, to my way of thinking, is not the way to build a society. Once in a while the rich need to be reminded that no, money can’t buy you everything.

Politics went off the rails when conservative religious issues were mingled with unfettered entrepreneurial aspirations during my formative years. God, I hope those days are over! People often vote with their emotions and studies have repeatedly shown that even conservative religionists like George W. Bush did not deliver a more productive, biblically literate nation after eight years of fumbling in the dark. The legacy was a national debt that should have been an embarrassment and a deeply polarized society. I was glad for the GOP nomination of Mitt Romney—it was a chance to test if the privilege of wealth had a chance of winning without the evangelical interests who see Mormonism as a “cult.” My faith in the American people paid off.

No, Obama’s first term was not a picnic, but every time I peeked, it sure looked like hard work was being done. Prolonged vacations to the ranch seemed to be a thing of the past. Difficult thinking was given a place in the nation’s capital again. If we want the one percenters to get the message, we must shout loudly. They live far, far above the rest of us in sound-insulated penthouses and never have to wait in line four hours just to buy gasoline. There is work to be done, and it has to start at the street level, if not below. This is faith. Quoting the Bible while bombing your enemies and protecting the wealthy elite is disingenuous in anybody’s ethical playbook. Thank you America for showing that giving in is not the only option. Tonight I will be able to sleep.

4 thoughts on “Substance of Faith

  1. It was a fine and substantial acceptance speech – perhaps too much substance for those who can only think of one thing at a time – but very finely and gracefully put. My daughter in England wrote one word to her mother and I knew what it was before she picked up the iphone – ‘whew’.

    BTW, we live in a penthouse (only third story) – it was the children’s day nursery in the house’s first incarnation. Now no-one here can afford such a large house – nor do we need it, so it has been stratified and works well with three families paying the taxes. Yes we all pay taxes here up north, and we all can buy groceries and we all have universal health care – with some worries but not many. And our banks still work because regulation protected them from doing the stupid things that were required to poison the trust in the investment banking to the south. Funny how trust reveals time and truth, and how money is named ‘currency’. Let us hope that a few worshipers of Mammon remember their shame (Psalms 6,and 38).


    • Steve Wiggins

      Thanks, Bob. Certainly I did not intend to imply that all penthouse dwellers are among the one percent. The metaphor of a penthouse is a valuable tool in trying to understand how some of us can be so very low in the eyes of the privileged few. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  2. I hope the best for our nation. America is more than any one man, even if that one man is the president, be it Obama or Bush. As the election turned our nation’s page, I learned that I, and other people like me, have become irrelevant in the new order of things. What’s sad is that we have become irrelevant, not because of what we actually are or what we truly believe, but because of the labels assigned to us. I’d urge everyone to look past the vocal idiots the media has labeled as Conservatives and pasted to your screens. Believe it or not, there are some nice guys over here on this team.


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