We Don’t Need Another Bible

This podcast addresses the issue of agenda-driven Bible translation. Although all translators, being human, have agendas, typically they are for the advancement of knowledge. The news about Conservapedia’s Conservative Bible Project suggests that progress should be turned back to the first century and fast-forwarded to the Neo-Con agenda. The trend is disturbing because not many Americans have the essential background to assess critically whether Bibles are translated with serious scholarly intent or not. The ten principles of conservative Bible translation from Andrew Schlafly’s Conservapedia are examined.

2 thoughts on “We Don’t Need Another Bible

  1. Henk van der Gaast

    Thanx for ruining my day again.. But then, good well thought out posits expose biases.. Your show is great and gives me a goodly amount to think about.

    Its a pity that you haven’t got a hundred episodes to listen to.


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