Holy Amos, Holy Micah, Pray for Us

The semesters when I teach the prophets invariably find me filled with a holy rage toward injustice of all stripes. Unfortunately there is plenty of cause for basic human indignation caused by greed, cupidity, and elitism. I see New Jersey, my current home, as a microcosm. In this little version of the universe, a highly diverse population with over-crowded highways and endless financial woes, I see reflected some of the great challenges facing the human race. When such a delicate balance is guided by a self-serving government the human cost will always be high.

Our current governor, Chris “Slash” Christie, has made himself a national reputation by cutting the basic services required to buoy up a state where the underprivileged seek an opportunity to get ahead. The governor’s favorite target, naturally, is public education. Public school and university funds have been chopped with a zeal to impress Vlad the Impaler (the governor’s children attend private school, thank you). The Associated Press today, however, reports that the number of the governor’s staff who “earn” more than six figures has nearly doubled since our last governor’s term ended. We the taxpayers are being asked to fork over an extra two million dollars to the state budget to support those who live in comfort while our children are being systematically targeted as luxuries the state simply can’t afford. When will people say “enough is enough”?

The Republican Party, since it has shamelessly crawled into bed with religious conservatism, has flouted the message of the Bible in the name of the Bible. Only by ignoring the biblical characters known as prophets, and one guy from Nazareth who went by the name of Joshua, is it possible to see any right in feathering the nest of public “servants” while stealing from the children of their constituencies. I am glad Amos and Micah are dead. If they were alive and in New Jersey they would be suffering torment beyond words.

5 thoughts on “Holy Amos, Holy Micah, Pray for Us

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  2. Henk van der Gaast

    Sorry to hear that about education in the area. I can’t really say to much as I would be devastated if I were in an area like that.

    I live a nation where 45% of the population doesn’t even have a basic trade qualification. It must be terrible for you to be told by someone from this country that I feel sorry for the people of your region.


    • Steve Wiggins

      Hi Henk,

      Our situations are, of course, contextual. There is plenty of money for the state in New Jersey, but to see fat cats giving their friends bonuses while cutting off the basic necessities for other peoples’ children is just plain wrong. And we call them public servants!


  3. Sean Cody

    Dr. Wiggins,

    Did you read my prophet paper already? It is precisely about the madness that you write about going on in NJ!

    I based my “made-up” prophet (whom of which I named after me, haha) about Amos and Micah.

    If you haven’t read my paper yet, what a coincidence!


    • Steve Wiggins

      Hi Sean–

      That’s funny! No, I read your paper after I wrote this, and I couldn’t believe how much it had in common with what I wrote! I try to get my post sent in before I drive to Montclair (where I spend all day Tuesday and Thursday). I read your paper once I got there and was astounded. Excellent choice of topic!


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