Podcast 20 is here! For those who are wondering, it was a long semester with daily class prep, so I did not have the opportunity to record any podcasts. The topic of this discussion is how religions naturally must change over time. Even though religions are by nature conservative, if they last long enough they will face advances in human culture and experience. This creates a dilemma that is not often addressed. It’s evolution on a religious scale.

8 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Dave Natzke

    Hi Steve. Just studied a chapter on Bonhoeffer in EfM, reinforcing my belief we all must “come of age.” Our own personal theology cannot be created in a vacuum; but evolve, influenced by our relationship with God and man, our environments and experiences. If it does not, we are not living it.


  2. Joseph Kelly

    Steve, as always, your podcast is intelligent and engaging. I am in awe with how you can produce material so regularly and remain so fresh. There are many schools who are missing out because they have not hired you!


    • Steve Wiggins

      Thank you for your kind words, Joseph. Life is a process of trying to figure out where to fit in, I guess. You inspire me to do more podcasts!


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