Creationism’s White Box

It is sometimes claimed by Creationists that Darwin’s theory is a “black box” — the inner mechanism is unknown and it provides uncertain results. In this podcast I explore Creationism’s “white box.” Not the default version of Christianity it claims to be, Creationism is a modern movement with a well documented history.

Design intelligently!

6 thoughts on “Creationism’s White Box

  1. Very well done. I just graduated from a creationist school, and I appreciated your fair and well done presentation. The thing which struck out the most was that creationists seek “scientists” for credibility, not for knowledge.


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  3. Just saw this in Nature: “The sparrow with four sexes” and immediately thought to this lecture. Sometimes it’s hard to grasp what “Science” is, when it seems like so much priestly hocus-pocus, but when you think about an individual scientist studying a specific problem, like the sparrow that can mate with only one-quarter of the population because of a genetic mutation that endowed it with two sex chromosomes on top of the two it originally had—this helps you remember they’re trying to explain observations as simply as possible.


    • Good point! (Thanks for the link, too.) Gender and sexuality are far more complex than a binary system. This is one reason that science is so important to religious studies. Some organisms have been divided into hundreds of genders. We tend to forget (because of politics and religion) that reproduction can occur in many ways in nature and that sexuality is more than a reproductive technique. We’ve moved far from our nature in this case.


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