Asherah in Australia

It has been one of those weeks dominated by a lady from my past. Asherah. Just when I thought I could forget her and get on with my life, she has reappeared with a fury. The problem is, I haven’t kept up with where she’s gone over the past few years and we all know what kinds of problems society has out there. Turns out she’s in Australia. At least according to a comment left on one of my old posts about Asherah. The author of the comment provided a tip that led me to, a conspiracy theory website. One of the threads is from Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, a man who claims to be the messiah – apparently he’s returned with his spouse Asherah, in her form of Mary Magdalene. Also, he states, Prince Charles is the anti-christ.

The internet has provided a forum not only for the serious exchange of ideas that help shape the future, but also a soapbox more massive than any other. In general I don’t believe conspiracy theories – just this week my daughter came home from school with news about Disney’s alleged subliminal smut, leading me to recall the hysterical claims made about the New World Order. The more things change, the more predictable they become.

So, is Asherah down under, waiting for a new apotheosis, or has the collective imagination of the internet just taken over? I’m not the one to judge. Nevertheless, while doing a little web research on Asherah I discovered that Asherah greeting cards are now available. They’ll have to wait until I find a job, however. Maybe once that happens I’ll also be able to afford a trip to Australia to see the goddess I’ve researched for so many years.

10 thoughts on “Asherah in Australia

  1. Henk van der Gaast

    OK, you have gotten a gig as comedian!

    What sort of messiah and what sort of antichrist?

    You sure he isn’t married to Madonna? THAT would make a lot of sense.


  2. Stephanie Budin

    Uh. One of those “Asherah” cards has a completely topless Minoan “snake goddess” with what appears to be a stoned cat on her head. “Asherah”?????


    • Steve Wiggins

      Yes, Stephanie — clearly Cafe Press needs a goddess consultant! I might go as far as to call her Potnia, but beyond that her identity remains anonymous. It gets Asherah into the public eye anyway.


  3. Henk van der Gaast

    It’s very odd how promotion by identity to ancient motifs becomes a fashion of late.

    Lilith was banded about noticeably in the nineties and early 2000’s.


  4. The promised Messiah The Lord Jesus Christ and His wife MARTHA Magdalene, who are the God head Abbah, Ammah their personal names Yahweh and Asherah. Reincarnation is a fact. We are in the fullness of times back on the earth for the Judgment….counting down to December 21 2012….

    There have been all kinds of rumors and speculation gone before however…how would God go about proving to the world that He is who He says he is…think about it…How would you set out to prove in a world of deceived dumbed down skeptics that you are the Creator….Do you not think someone claiming to be the Creator today, knowing by the time He got back that world will be hell run by satanists and the minds of mankind will be off the planet seduced by the beast ….

    Do you not think or rather would you not expect that the Creator would have used His intelligence in the planning of the Creation …to outsmart the beast….after all past present and future exists all at the same time and the earth is in a time lag traveling at a speed of 69,000kph in a northward path, is just catching up to the victory of the cross ….

    The book of Revelation is happening now the chapter and verse numberings align with the lunations of the moon which is the chronograph built into the measurements of the Great Pyramid which is the Sacrifice of Yahweh…built by the descendants of Noah….lunation zero was set at December 18th 1922.

    What if you learned that everything you had learned was wrong…how can men begin to even think they could comprehend the mind of the Creator out….an “intellectual blow job” tis what it is all about…the meek inherit the earth and children who have not been seduced by the beast and the 144,000 who wake up first to the knowledge that all mankind is in hell and that Yahweh and Asherah are here to set them free…and time is running out…..


  5. I’m actually in Australia right now, and am also very interested in Asherah, but I have not come across the people you mentioned in your blog. I *am* intrigued though, as one of my interests is in the appropriation of the ancient world by New Age ‘religionists’.


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