Angry Gods

Podcast 23 concerns the concept of atonement. Related to but distinct from sacrifice, the concept of atonement is widely utilized in the Judeo-Christian tradition. This podcast considers why the idea of God as an angry God is so prevalent, and suggests how the concept of atonement might fit in this matrix.

2 thoughts on “Angry Gods

  1. Paul

    HI, your site and work is great, though i cant get any of the podcast to play.

    I am just pressing on play. Is there something i might not be doing?

    looking forward to your reply.



    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your kind words. The host for the podcasts has been acting funny. It has been a few years since I’ve posted them, and I’m not sure how to suggest accessing them. Some are available on iTunes for free. When I have a few moments, I will check to see if there’s something wrong with the files. Sorry you’re having trouble accessing them. Thanks for visiting.



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