Fire and Blood

Religious intolerance again claims lives, and yet the self-righteous never flinch from their smug smiles. What insane pressure drives extremists like Terry Jones to desecrate the symbol of another religion? What did burning a Quran accomplish other than a feeling of personal satisfaction at a religious one-upmanship? Did he even stop to think that his own religion was once persecuted and that this nation that allows him the freedom to spit in the face of other faiths also welcomes his imaginary enemies? Now innocent people are dead in Afghanistan because of his intolerance. It may be that Terry Jones’ personal act of impropriety may soon blow over, but the damage has already been done. These dead will have died in vain.

Putting match to paper proves no superiority of intellect, spirituality, or especially, righteousness. The problem Terry Jones’ brand of Christianity faces is that Mohammed was born before the metaphorical return of Jones’ Christ. It is clear from the (unburned) Christian scriptures that early believers were convinced Jesus’ return was imminent, within their own lifetimes. For those who did not successfully transition to the meaning of the metaphor, it has been a weary two-millennium wait. The emergence of new religions in the meanwhile has become a threat to the superiority of their own. Apocalypticism claims many victims. Now people are dying because Terry Jones can’t cool his heels to see how this one comes out.

Religions that prove their point by trying to brutalize other religions have already shown their true character. Muslims do not burn the Christian scriptures because they accept the validity of Jesus’ teachings as well as those of Mohammed. Has Terry Jones damaged Islam by burning a book? No. Has he damaged the already languishing opinion on western supersessionism? Certainly he has. It is now incumbent on the rest of us to declare that we excoriate the acts of Terry Jones and his contemptuous version of Christianity. Islam need not try to give Christians a bad image; we are quite capable of helping ourselves.

Terry Jones' ideological companions

5 thoughts on “Fire and Blood

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  2. Henk vdG

    There is one thing that is impossible to do; describe the abhorrence of the deeds done in the name of self.

    I know I appeared to be inured to a lot of things. I aint, and every time I hear of these things I mentally course around my beautiful children.

    If it is so hard for me to even consider these deeds, how can we ever consider justice?


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  4. Hi Steve. I agree with you that Rev. Jones is out of line. It’s my understanding that he was kicked out of his German church for preaching heresies and being a media whore. I guess he missed the publicity once the tv cameras left and conveniently dismissed his promise of 9/11/10 to never burn a Koran.

    But as far as burning Korans, Muslims do it all the time when they burn rival mosques or schools and other muslims don’t seem to mind much as long as it’s done in the name of Allah. They can hardly justify murdering people because an anomalous “Christian” does it.

    The self-aggrandizing Jones burned paper. The Afghanis murdered people. When people say they are murdering others over the burning of paper because it has their “sacred” scribbles on it, their god is not Allah, their god is the paper.

    Honestly, I don’t think either the Rev Jones or the murdering Afghanis were acting according to their respective claimed faiths. Per Ecclesiastes, “All is vanity.”

    If you’re interested, I also blogged on this at my site

    Thanks for your thoughtful post. I love your blog.


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