Targeted Management of Information

Social justice has always been a concern for me. Call it my primate sensibilities. I grew up in humble circumstances, in a religion that helped to ameliorate the scathing sense that I could plainly see that other people had it much easier than I did. My faith taught me that I deserved less than I might’ve thought I did. I’ve never really felt entitled, and yet, I know the system (whatever that is) is not really fair. Fairness is a big thing with me. I suppose that ties back in to social justice. In any case, several people have contacted me to share their infographics on my blog. Almost always they are graphics about social justice issues. This past week three requests arrived in my mailbox almost simultaneously. I wonder why they pick a blog with so few hits as this one gets. Perhaps it’s an attempt at fairness? Or maybe it’s clear that I have a soft spot for helping out those in need.

It isn’t easy to get noticed on the internet. The world-wide-web is very wide indeed. It is used for crime as well as entertainment and information. Ironically, most fact-checking sites are suspect. A good deal of what you believe depends on the veracity of your source. It used to be that professors and clergy were inherently trustworthy, or so we thought. Politicians have long been out of the running. Now it is the crowdsourcing of the internet. As if our collective ignorance were wisdom. Those of us who count the number of books we’ve read to be in the thousands can be distrustful of information. Indeed, skepticism is a hallmark of education. Be careful though—it can cost you your job.

In any case, the hope of social justice compels me to share the information delivered to me. I’m just the messenger. So I’ve decided to pass the infographics along to you. All of them have to do with control. Crowd control, crime control, prison control. I’m a free spirit who lives with the mantra harm not. Some call the golden rule. Others call it naive. For me, it’s common sense. Maybe learn something below. (The final infographic seems to have some coding issues…)

Privatization of the US Prison System
The US Private Prison System
Privatization of the US Prison System. An Infographic from

The US Private Prison System

Produced By Criminal Justice Degree Hub

2 thoughts on “Targeted Management of Information

  1. M.K.

    Here’s a doozy for you. Sen. Harry Reid recently said in an interview with a local NV station: “…We are a nation of laws, not of men and women.”

    Ack! How’s that for a socially just ground? Houston, we have a problem…

    I’m still stymied why your blog hasn’t greater traffic. Perhaps it is an indicator that many are still on the more extreme sides of the spectrum, consuming what is familiar and filtered to preserve dispositions not open for examination. Your insight is so understated, I think many miss how sharp and essential it is. I wonder how it might impact your approach if it were it were a “famous” blog?


    • You’re too kind, M.K. I am, however, very gratified that you “get” what I’m trying to do. I assure you, fame would not change me. Perhaps we are all just lucky that we’ll never have to find out, though…


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