Twice Bitten

I should be aware of what happens next. I’ve seen it in movies often enough. Man gets bitten by a wolf, and he turns into a werewolf at the full moon. That gives me two days. And it wasn’t a wolf, but a pit bull. I fear what I might become. You have to understand that after a long commute—they’re doing construction along a stretch of a major artery where my route passes—and having been awake since 3:30 (a.m.) when I get off the bus I’m not always thinking clearly. I’ve done some calculating and it turns out that apart from work, commute, and sleep (or at least trying to sleep) I’m left with three and a half hours per day to do my own stuff, like write these blog posts, eat breakfast and supper, and pay bills. So when I get off the bus for my short walk home, my main concern is getting across a busy street where New Jersey drivers routinely ignore the state law that they must stop for pedestrians in a cross walk. But last night the dogs were out.

The sidewalks in my town are narrow. Nine days out of ten I meet no one on my way home. There’s one guy with a tiny dog that’s feisty and it is amusing how the little guy—just a puppy—growls and barks its tiny barks and strains to get at me. Dog owners around here pull their dogs off the sidewalk to let walkers pass. It’s a friendly town that way. Last night the young woman was no match for the two pit bulls she was walking. The street was unusually busy since two guys had just walked past me, one, commenting on the dogs, said “I don’t take my beasts out any more.” The woman pulled the dogs off the walk and they barked and snapped and as I walked past one lunged and bit me. Tore a good pair of pants. The woman they owned was aghast and offered to pay. I didn’t want her to know how cheap my clothes were. Besides, I couldn’t hear her over all the barking.

It’s been years since I’ve been bitten by a dog. This was really just a scratch and the frantic woman assured me the dogs had had their shots. But I’ve seen the movies. I know what happens next. Two nights from now I’ll be roaming the streets after dark, half human, half dog. The Hunter Moon (the official name for October’s full moon) comes on Sunday. I can’t blame the dog—it was only doing what aggressive dogs are bred to do. My commute, however, has a new hazard. Not only do we deal with construction zones, I now have to arouse myself to watch out for werewolves on the way home. It must be October.

Me, in two days.

Me, in two days.

5 thoughts on “Twice Bitten

  1. Hey Steve. I hope you are ok. Here in Montreal, the words “Pit Bull” are bad words. Our mayor has attempted to ban all Pit Bull Breed dogs, because over the past few months, one woman was killed in her own yard, by a neighbors pit bull, who got through the fence and attacked/killed her.

    We’ve had a number of pit bull bites and attacks as well. An injunction is now in place to stop the mayor, but he said he will fight until they are banned outright on the island of Montreal. Now all big breed dogs must be muzzled at all times in public spaces and in dog runs. People are pissed about that, because they say they should not have to punish their dogs outright if they are good dogs to begin with.

    The Pit Bull argument is a nasty fight between the people, the ASPCA and the mayor. I was surprised when I read this entry, they say dogs are only as bad as their owners, and that might be the case, but as you illustrated, all bets are off if that dog coming at you is stronger than the human on the other end of their leash.

    Jeremy in Montreal.


    • Thanks, Jeremy. I am fine–the bite barely broke the skin, thankfully. I was a bit sore yesterday but I feel normal now.

      This is a vexed problem. I don’t blame the dogs–they’re just following their nature. In this case the dogs didn’t seem particularly malevolent. They were riled up by another dog and I happened to pass before they had calmed down. The woman walking them clearly wasn’t strong enough to restrain them when the one tugged unexpectedly. Her shock was genuine so I don’t think these dogs had actually bitten anyone before.
      Thanks for your concern!


  2. I am worried! How are you going to type tomorrow when you become a weredog? We can’t miss your posts, you’ll have to find a paw-compatible keyboard.
    Joke aside, I wish you to heal quickly.

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