The Heart of Memorial Day

The Memorial Day will be a somber one for the many people who’ve lost someone due to Covid-19.  Even as those who know that science can help to bring a pandemic under control have been vaccinated,  it is too late for millions who didn’t make it.  Memorial Day weekend, for many of us in northern climes, has been unseasonably cold.  Around here it’s been rainy too.  The official kick-off to summer seems to be a memorial to the long winter of 2020 and ’21.  It’s also hopeful, because things are starting to get better.  Having an organized national response helps, even as the Fascist Party is gaining strength.  “Memorial” means looking back.  Remembering the past.  I’m saddened, shocked, and distraught that one political party has refused to look at how insidious fascism is, and how it always starts under the guise of righteousness.  Remember this.

We tend to think of Memorial Day as a play day.  Indeed, the number of boats being towed as I’ve been out driving attests to the plans of many.  We’re ready for life to return to normal, but even that involves memory.  Remembering what was normal.  We have never been a fascist nation.  That’s not a memory but a sick future dream.  Those who attempt insurrection and then block any investigation into it can’t have the good of the nation at heart.  It should be a play day.  It should be frolicking in the sun.  Instead I’m wondering how we’ll ever stop this apparently inevitable evil that has taken over a country formed as a democracy.  Has it stopped raining yet?

Although I wasn’t close to him, my father was a veteran.  He fought for the cause of liberty, at least as it was understood before Trump’s America.  He was, according to his family, never the same after seeing war.  Bureaucrats, fat from the monies they pocket from special interest groups and lobbies, seem to have forgotten.  They’ve forgotten the frighteningly large national cemetery at Arlington.  They’ve forgotten that we fought to stop the very thing they are now promoting in their own country.  I’m sorry, Mr. Lincoln, these dead may have died in vain after all.  I had hopes of warm days and leisurely outdoor activities as the end of May rolled along.  Either that, or at least being able to get out and take care of all the yard work that’s been piling up over the past several weeks.  I wonder, will it stop raining today?

2 thoughts on “The Heart of Memorial Day

  1. Hi Steve,

    You know what they said about Hitler right? He gained a following and the masses because he talked a good game and the masses fell for it. Trump Herr Hitler is doing the same. And I commented to the NYT this morning that the Republicans are taking America to hell in a handbasket. It is a shame we did not nip this in the bud when it was possible. But his minions will defend him and revolt because of him and Democracy will either fall or survive based on what the rest of us have the power to do, in our own ways to stop Fascism. Will we survive? I don’t know, America is in trouble and all those men and women buried at Arlington and many other places are rolling in their graves today. They gave their lives for this country and the country is failing them.

    A year ago right now the Fascist president was using the armed services and tactical teams to rid a church square of protesters so Herr Hitler could hold a bible upside down for a photo op. Shameful. I am almost embarrassed to call myself an American any longer. But thank God I am NIMBY now, Not In My Back Yard, living above the Northern Border.

    My father fought in Viet Nam and he came home addicted and fucked up and he never healed and went to his death alone, but for my brother who was there when he died. My mother did not go see him die, she left him alone to die alone without her, and my father had not spoken to me in almost 18 years, so our rift was never healed, and had it not been for Facebook, I would never have learned that he was dead. He came from the fucked up generation that came home to taunts and recrimination after the war. Sadly they did not get the recognition they deserved.

    The former Fascist president had no respect for the armed services, he called them fools. He could not see why you would fight for your country, because he never had the guts to serve. President Biden will do our men and women proud today. I hope he has it within him to save us all in the end.



    • My sentiments exactly, Jeremy. Those of us who had fathers destroyed by war should feel especially resentful toward the Republican Party that has decided to embrace Fascism. We need to speak out, call out, and hope that the gaming of democracy will give way to actual democracy before it’s too late. Thanks for your thoughts!


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