Oil’s Well that Ends

Greed has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I like to think it isn’t petty personal greed, but the insatiable corporate variety of greed. Friends send me links to sad commentaries on the Gulf Oil Spill, an event that severely amplifies the cruelty already inherent in nature, but an event that would have been preventable were it not for greed. My friend James from Idle Musings sent me a compelling story from the UK Guardian that poignantly demonstrates how a shift of worldviews has bestowed divine approval on the rape of our planet. The very religion that began as animism, the belief in the ubiquitous divine in nature, has evolved into a Neo-con Christianity that supports free markets as surely as it believes in resurrection. If a few million animals have to die, well, their invisible, loving God sees far more than our limited sight.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the video link my wife pointed out to me last night. Here an advocate for biblical “prophecy” points out that it can not be coincidence that the day after the United States withdrew unilateral support for Israel in the United Nations Security Council was the very day that Deepwater Horizon exploded. No, the pundit declares, do not be fooled. God is punishing the United States for withdrawing support from Israel. This idea, unfortunately, draws on a morass of sloppy theology that can be historically traced to an evangelical death-wish for the planet. Barbara Tuchman, one of the most respected historians of the last century, objectively traces the story in her classic Bible and Sword. Political support for Israel was perceived as a means of forcing God’s hand into releasing the second coming. So much for human sympathy.

Coincidences continually occur. April 19 is the day that Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope just five years ago. It is the day Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco. It is the Feast of Saint Aelfheah of Canterbury. It is Patriot’s Day in New England. It is the day The Simpsons premiered. Whether to see God’s hand in any or all of this is a matter of perspective. As is the motivation behind supporting Israel, big oil, or the second coming. If there is any name other than greed for offering political support for a nation of sacrificial lambs and spilling oil in order to hasten the apocalypse, I simply do not know what it might be.

And this was only April

63 thoughts on “Oil’s Well that Ends

  1. You’re right. Our collective greed needs to end. We need to have more respect for our planet, before Mother Earth decides she’s had enough of our crap and wipes us all out. And don’t get me started on religious wingnuts.


  2. There seems to more with regards to this being biblical. A black horse with scales of legal autority saying don’t hurt the oil and the sounding of the second trumpet from the book of Revelation. John discribes something which looked like a mountain all ablaze cast in the sea turning it into blood killing 1/3 sealife and destroying 1/3 ships. The slide show of Gulf photo’s back up these statements regarding the mountain and blood. As for the ships they are shrimp boats without shrimp.

    Oh, did we miss another potential problem. I’ve posted a claimed report of acid rain of desburstments mixed with oil to a page titled “BP Worse Case Senario” This would play right into 1/3 of food shortage from dead crops by acid rain.


    • It has absolutely everything to do with Biblical prophecy taking place. I don’t see it as God’s wrath. I see it as the Bible tells it. The blind leading the blind, into a pit. It is the greed of those, whom the Bible speaks of, which will globalize the worlds economy, just as they are killing the Gulf coast ecosystem, as well as the only thing standing in the way of the globalization of the worlds political, and economic systems, any free country, ie U.S. There is still much to come, as Robert has pointed out to you. But, it is not God who doing it, it is those who’s god is money; who God is allowing to follow their greed to the demise, that they themselves choose to follow. Of course, He never does anything with out telling His children about it before hand. I’d get the book.


  3. Brooke Monfort

    The problem of logic with the Evangelical’s desperate and determined dream to see environmental apocalypse in their lifetime is that they are the very ones pushing us over that cliff; their goals and their motivation has NOTHING to do with true Christian teachings. They simply broadcast their own twisted philosophies and interpretations of Biblical passages to suit their coffers, while their followers nod and repeat much like parrots – (after sending in their debit-card numbers for that effortlessly-deducted monthly donation, of course).

    How does a rational human being, fighting for their life, the lives of their families, future generations and the very life of the planet itself deal with that intentionally-blind dynamic? Any ideas? Anybody?

    I console myself with the thought that it’s all a matter of weight, mass and numbers, when it comes to tipping a scale. The Hundredth Monkey theory; more and more people waking up to the fact that we all live in a sort of Terrarium. There’s a great deal of recirculation in Nature’s systems. It’s a bit of a closed-loop, with the exception of cosmic entrances; all elements humming along in the reciprocity built upon eons of trial and error. What humans do, how we live, what we take, what we give back – all of this exists within One Vast Recycling Machine – earth, water and air – all connected, exchanging molecules and materials, working in unison, morphing into each other. What vast hubris that our race could reach such burdensome numbers while harvesting with such complete disregard and still insist our presence and our actions have no affect whatsoever on such a delicate, sometimes vicious and always awesome and beautiful balance. Really! Humans effect is cumulative by reason of success as a species. Only real question: Will we wake up in time to prevent a religion (and not even the dominant Christian sect) destroy our planet for the sake of their megalomaniac-disguised-as-religion power dreams?


  4. Thank you for your article.

    I appreciate other peoples view points, concerning God, and the Bible. And I am not disputing anything you are saying. But my question is, why do people make it so hard, or so difficult to understand Gods truth? One does not have to be religious, to have a relationship with God, and to know his truths. And to see, that prophecy is being fulfilled in these days. Things that are said in the Bible, are coming true.

    One should ready Joel. It is just three chapters, but this morning, myself, it really opened up my eyes. To more of an urgency, as to who I am as a Christian.

    Frankly, I am just curious, because people tend to take his word, and twist it here and there, and then they just have no true insight, or understanding. Religion can do that. Anyway, God does make it simple, if we just seek him, and his truth….

    Thanks, feel free to check out my blog, if you are inspired to do so. I pray, my thoughts, are Gods thoughts….



  5. Pondering usually evokes the BEST articles and/or posts.

    It is quite pathetic how we have no fill. It is NEVER enough…
    Funny thing though, does anyone remember the 80’s and the famous “Greed Is Good” line?
    We opened the floodgates and are now paying the consequences. It is mainstream to have more than we can consume. It is mainstream to spend more than you have.

    I’d like to believe that it is FAST becoming Mainstream to give a Care about the Environment and our tiny little speck called Earth. 🙂
    And not just a Passing Fancy, but a TRUE shift to care, to change…Regardless of those who manipulate the Word to their own Selfish ends as they have throughout all of History.

    Just because there are those that utilize the Word to their own Gain does not make the Word Bad…If anything does it not spark the opportunity to find out for OURSELVES what the Word Really says??

    Thanks for your thoughts and Congrats on being Freshly Pressed =o)


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  11. Greed has been on my mind constantly since the oil disaster in the gulf. Every day I read headlines and still can’t believe that this has actually gotten as far as it has with no one in power taking any really action to fix this mess and better this planet. It’s a real tragedy.


  12. mediocrul

    The end of greed is the end of capitalism.
    Capitalism makes the american dream possible.
    To get rid of greed you need to become a socialist and americans don’t want socialism because they think its comunism. It’s not. its just similar. Look at Finland they’re doing quite well and they’re social-democrats.
    Socialism is the way to end greed, but it will probably destroy the american way of life, the one thing liberals and republicans agree that is good for America.
    And as far as saying that greed will bring the world economy down, the world economy runs on greed, thrives on greed, the greedier the better. Greed created the global economy. Capitalism. A dog eats dog economy. A Darwinian economy.
    No very well written but it gets the point across.


    • lol…Well, wait a few months, and when you see where the money went…Then tell me what the Socialist takeover was really about…Wake Up…it’s not about the General Puppets. Unless, of course, you choose to continue to be one.


  13. Connecting to oil desaster to corporate greed is right on the money. Someone much more righteous than I am said, “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Not money, the love of it!

    Violence on the environment is violence upon us all. Violence we are told will fill the earth in the time of the end (Mat 24:3-10). We are in the time of the end.


  14. I read a blog about who sold their stock in B P yesterday. One person was the president of the USA.

    Read this blog and follow the links for some very interesting reading.


    Like other readers, I do not feel that God is punishing us. We are doing it to ourselves. When money is involved, man will do anything to get more. Enough isn’t enough. They feel that they need to have it all.

    My heart goes out to those in the immediate area. However, it will not be long before this affects not only them but most of the world. This is just the beginning of a crisis like we have never seen.

    Yes, I too see it as a sign of the times. It was written and now we are living in the middle of it. God said to watch. I suppose we are now watching.

    In fact, the beginning of the end was when Israel became a state in 1948. When the fig tree puts on new sprouts…….this generation shall not pass away……y’all know the rest..


  15. gloriadelia

    What?! “Political support for Israel was perceived as a means of forcing God’s hand into releasing the second coming. So much for human sympathy.”

    That’s news to me and I’ve been a Christian for almost 20 years. It hurts me to see slanted generalizations like this written about any religion, not just Christians.

    Praying for the gulf, Gloris


  16. OMG please please don’t say It wasn’t an accident! I don’t even want to know a world where that is true! If the oil spill was part of a conspiracy what else is? The love of money & nothing else is too much!

    But now I have much to read & study!


  17. God was clear in His word, that any nation that stands by Israel will be blessed, and those who are against her will be cursed. But, in my opinion, if God is punishing this country, now, It would probably be more for all the millions of babies that have been aborted. But, still, the things taking place in the world today align perfectly with what His word says will happen in the last days. Of course, one has to study the Word of God, and compare the wording throughout to know the language, or the symbolic comparisons. But, it’s really not a hard thing to do.


  18. Thanks for your article, from which I learned a lot .
    In my opinion, all of us should make hard to save the limited nature resource. Those who do not respect our earth mother, will surely be punished someday.


  19. Colin L Beadon

    Brook Monfort,
    You have hit the nail on the head for me. I don’t need to add one word more to what you have written.


  20. articles are quite interesting to read, who would have thought such an article is worthy to be a reference to all the people, give more benefits to others to share information with us to achieve common progress.
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  21. My friend,

    We are all concerned about the happenings in our world, all negative to be sure. It is not that God judges us, but rather than by all of the negative press and thoughts, all the bad feelings we have because of what is going on, that is impacting us. We have gotten away from prayer, the most powerful thing there is. And what is prayer? Prayer is the impression on God of our desires. It does not matter what we pray for.. if we focus on good, good will come, if we focus on bad, bad will come. As a global community, we are focused too much on all the bad. While I do not agree with all the teachings of the church, their roll was to try to move us more toward the spiritual side of ourselves. Since most no longer pray and have moved away from the church, things have gotten worse. Not to blame them, the church has had it’s problems, many of them. The point here is that we need to focus on the good so that good can come into our lives, pray for good. And not focus on the negative, which is also prayer. It is like saying, God, please do us harm… instead of God, please help us. I pray and visualize every day angels around the oil disaster, the white house, our country and our world. Please join me. It is our only hope to all the negative things that are going on. We need to bring God back into our lives. Namaste.


  22. Rhona, you made excellent points in your reply. Thank you. We all need to be reminded to focus on the positive.

    As you said, positive comes from having it in our hearts.

    When we pray, we should think in our hearts that God has already answered our prayer. However, it will be in His time and not ours.

    “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek; and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. [Matthew 7:7-8] “


  23. lapichardo

    Excellent article and it was very interesting to read the comments, too. I agree that not all Christians make such amazing interpretations (the thing about not supporting Israel and its supposed connection to the spill) and that there are religious people who are not the big capitalists and the supporters of greed. But, as I see US history and news, many people from the Evangelical wing with access to the media seem to support such ideas.
    Yes, and Americans are terribly afraid of anything that smells a little bit like Socialism. The same happens among the “people in charge” (businesspeople, many politicians) here in Latin America. All because of greed. And fear of losing control. But control over Nature is an illusion, as we are reminded periodically: floods, hurricanes, oil spills, earthquakes…


  24. Lapichardo. I just checked out your blog. It seems that you have more information that I have seen here in the states.

    I wish I spoke and could read your language. You have a great site.


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  26. Great post! I enjoyed the interesting crossover with religion.

    There are so many issues affecting the world today – from war to environmental destruction – and so many people calling to arms to end the greed, corruption and ignorance that causes it… but does it really matter?

    As individuals we are powerful. Collectively as the human race, however, we’re lazy, indifferent, and gluttonous (including the religious zealots who seem to do nothing but spend their free time judging everybody else). Not to be a downer, and I certainly won’t stop recycling or anything, but do we really believe the cycle of businesses taking short cuts, politicians who do nothing, and people who just don’t give a sh*t, is ever going to stop?

    If we all do our best, at least we can say we tried; but as a species, it’d serve us right to be the cause of our own destruction.




  27. Religion was first a product of fear of the unknown. Then Italians discovered the potentials of it through Paul who was Saul. Since then many other people have taken cues from the Romans and are making good with religion.

    I have said it elsewhere. Humans are the same everywhere. We have the same needs, aspirations and tendencies. Whatever that happens today has once happened in history in maybe a different degree.

    The so called men and women of God who commune Him in spirit as they claim will always interpret events in this world to mean the expected according to the bible.

    When the great flood happened in a bible settlement where the inhabitants thought they were the only people in the world, it was claimed that God destroyed the world with water. Floods still happen today ini diverse places like China and the United States in the same degree as must been the case during Noah’s time.

    The Golf of Mexico mishap as far as the men and women of God are concerned is as foretold in the bible and nothing anyone will say to change their minds of the so called followers of Christ who do not practice the religion of Jesus, which is Judaism.

    I found an interesting article title “Is Christ A Christian” at http://Blogs.FanBox.com/Itwasnighttime. The author looks critically at the relationship between Jesus as written in the bible and the so called followers of Christ who are nothing by doom for-tellers.


  28. We’re all participating in the oil economy. Whether we drive cars, ride buses, buy plastic toys, listen to plastic CDs, watch plastic DVDs, or even eat food. It’s easy to point the finger at BP, but we should all be pointing the finger at ourselves.


  29. Interesting blog. To me life is like a giant chess game. I’m intrigued to watch the moves and countermoves of good vs. evil. I truly believe good (God) will win. Congratulations on being pressed!


  30. Mr.Saeed

    Greed from the Islamic perspected is denounced. Wealthy Muslims are required to pay 2% of their wealth to the poor and needy (this is called Zakaat). Just imagine if this principle is implemented world wide it will drastically reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and solve many other economic problems.


  31. v02468

    Wow, a ton of comments here. I just wanted to say thanks for the article you linked. I found it to be quite interesting and ended up recycling it to my Facebook friends.


  32. Steve Wiggins

    Many thanks to my many commenters on this post. I hope that you’ll explore the blog a bit — there are many other pieces that reflect this viewpoint elsewhere inside.


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